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Month: November, 2011

Andy, Amos and Archie

Andy Warhol is best known as an American painter, printmaker and filmmaker. Most notably, Andy is recognized as the father of the Pop Art movement. We have all seen his bright, dynamic and repetitious paintings of soup cans or celebrities, but did you know that he (like Picasso) had a dachshund muse? (or should we say two?)

Andy had two Dachshunds, Amos and Archie, who became the subject of some of his artworks. He also did a piece entitled Portrait of Maurice for Gabrielle Keiller.  I found a great read about Andy and his dogs. To read more about them click here.

Andy and Archie taken from http://the-brilliant-life.com/

Portrait of Maurice by Andy Warhol taken from art.com

And on a jewellery note: Here is another tidbit of info you may not have known about Andy Warhol…He designed Christmas greeting cards for famous jewellery company Tiffany and Co. His greeting cards can be seen in the book Greetings from Andy: Christmas at Tiffany’s.

If we had the honour of giving Mr. Warhol a piece of S’Wag, it’d be this lapel pin. Simple. Graphic. And it kinda looks a lot like Archie, don’t you think?

Dachshund Brooch - Brass with Cermait - $45 (But for Andy Warhol, well, we'd have let him have it for free!)



Have you got S’Wag?

What’s in a name?

If you’ve been wondering what the S’Wag in S’Wag Jewellery is all about, well here’s your answer. There’s a few reasons were called S’Wag!

When someone’s got “swagger” they’ve got a confident spring in their step. Like, say the strut you’ve got when walking your pup, or that pup’s four-legged strut itself!

And then, of course, there’s s.w.a.g. – stuff.we.all.get. – a common phrase heard referring to those blingy gift bag giveaways that everyone wishes they could get their hands on at awards shows!

Of course, all of our jewellery is doggy inspired.  And what happens when a dog is excited? (Let’s say, when they see their human wearing a fabulous piece of jewellery in homage to their cute little self!) Tail wag!

And next there’s the S: Sarah Ana Designs – the founder and designer of S’Wag.

So, put it all together and what do you get…?

S’Wag. Accessories to get tails waggin’.

Picasso and Lump

Probably one of the most famous or recognizable Dachshunds in the art world was Picasso’s doxie Lump (pronounced loomp – meaning rascal).

Lump was said to be the inspiration for some of Picasso’s artwork, most famously his print The Dog.

Pablo Picasso - The Dog (Picture taken from Allposters.com)

Searching the web I found hundreds of pics of Picasso and his muse. I also found an interesting blog that tells the story of Picasso and Lump. Check out the blog here! There are lots of great photos of Picasso and Lump. He was quite the poser!

And if the story really interests you and piques your curiousity (as it did me) there is actually a book written about Picasso and his pooch. Picasso and Lump : A Dachshund’s Odyssey is available at Chapters/Indigo. I’m going to have to check it out!

Picasso and Lump : A dachshund's Odyssey

Dachshund Through the Snow…

The first snow has fallen, carols are on the radio, commercials are on t.v. It’s offically the holiday season!

To get you into the spirit of the season I offer you the Sarah Ana Designs Holiday Gift Guide… S’wag by Sarah Ana Designs can be found on page 5!

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Wienerfest 2012!

I am very excited that the date for Wienerfest 2012 has been revealed!!! Hope to see everyone out on Saturday, June 23rd at Lion’s/Cold Springs River Walkway Park in Thamesford, Ontario! Click here to visit the Wienerfest Facebook page!

Lex and I at Wienerfest 2011

Coming soon!

Hope to have the S’wag blog up and running soon!

Stay tuned!

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