Andy, Amos and Archie

by sarahanadesigns

Andy Warhol is best known as an American painter, printmaker and filmmaker. Most notably, Andy is recognized as the father of the Pop Art movement. We have all seen his bright, dynamic and repetitious paintings of soup cans or celebrities, but did you know that he (like Picasso) had a dachshund muse? (or should we say two?)

Andy had two Dachshunds, Amos and Archie, who became the subject of some of his artworks. He also did a piece entitled Portrait of Maurice for Gabrielle Keiller.  I found a great read about Andy and his dogs. To read more about them click here.

Andy and Archie taken from

Portrait of Maurice by Andy Warhol taken from

And on a jewellery note: Here is another tidbit of info you may not have known about Andy Warhol…He designed Christmas greeting cards for famous jewellery company Tiffany and Co. His greeting cards can be seen in the book Greetings from Andy: Christmas at Tiffany’s.

If we had the honour of giving Mr. Warhol a piece of S’Wag, it’d be this lapel pin. Simple. Graphic. And it kinda looks a lot like Archie, don’t you think?

Dachshund Brooch - Brass with Cermait - $45 (But for Andy Warhol, well, we'd have let him have it for free!)