On Dachshund, On Dalmatian, On Poodle, On Pincher…

by sarahanadesigns

Lady and the Tramp (photo taken from princessdreams.tumblr.com)


Would you love to wake up on Christmas morning to find a puppy under the tree!? Oh my! I would squeal so much with excitement! I think my heart would melt! (This idea for a Christmas present for me is not a practical one though, so friends and family if you are reading this don’t get any ideas! haha)

If you know another dreamer who is wishing to wake up to find a puppy under the tree on Christmas, but this idea is not practical for them either, why not get them a piece of S’wag Jewellery!  There are lots of different designs to chose from! Their face will light up when they see the box with the puppy paw ribbon. It is oh so cute! Your new necklace or bracelet may not be able to cuddle and give soft kisses but it’s the next best things. It will be loyal, loving and get you lots of attention!

Wouldn't you love to find this under the tree on Christmas morning?