Long on Love

by sarahanadesigns

Since it is quickly nearing Valentine’s Day I thought I would share a few of my favourite handmade Doxie items off of Etsy!

If you love Dachshunds as much as I do then you will surely love these one of a kind, unique gift ideas!

Sausage Dog Gloves by Pomber

I love these convertible fingerless gloves by Pomber! They are perfect for this time of year!

Valentine's Card by ShesSOCreative

These greeting cards by ShesSOCreative are fantastic. She has one’s for all sorts of occasions!

Paper Cut-out by Scratch and Sniff

I love the piece I got from Scratch and Sniff! They are so simple and beautiful! You can choose from all sorts of different breeds or if you are a Dachshund lover you can choose from wire-haired, smooth or long haired!

Frame Pouch by rabbitsmoon

This coin purse is super sweet! As the seller rabbitsmoon says it is perfect to hold lipgloss, keys or other small treasures!

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