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Month: March, 2012

Wienerfest 2012 – Important Update!

The location for Wienerfest 2012 has changed! The new location is at  Embro / West Zorra Community Centre. It is located in Embro, Ontario, Canada at 355644 on the 35th Line . Everything else stays the same! Same time, same great games, same vendors, same wieners! Can’t wait! See you there!!!



Splish, Splash I Was Taking a Bath…

My friend sent me this video and I just LOVE it!!! (Thanks RandRvideos4 on Youtube)

Betsy McCall and Nosy!

For my birthday my friends gave me a picture from a vintage magazine. They had been flipping through and found it and instantly thought of me. Not only did the illustrated girl in the picture have a short, brown haired bob haircut with heavy bangs, and big brown eyes, but in the picture she was washing a Dachshund! The girls name is Betsy McCall and her dachshund’s name is Nosy.

I decided to look up Betsy and Nosy and see what I could find!

Betsy McCall is a paper doll that could be found on the pages of McCall magazine from April 1951 – 1995. Her page always featured fashions and a story. Betsy is first presented as a young 5 year old with her 6 month old dachshund.

Here is a picture of the page that my friends gave me. It just happens that it is the page that Nosy was featured the most on!

Nosy Gives Betsy McCall a Bath June 1952 photo taken from http://tpettit.best.vwh.net/dolls/pd_scans/betsy_mccall/1952.html

And here are 2 other pages that also included Nosy.

Introducing Betsy McCall May 1951 photo taken from http://tpettit.best.vwh.net/dolls/pd_scans/betsy_mccall/1951.html

Betsy McCall Finds a Surprise January 1953 photo taken from http://tpettit.best.vwh.net/dolls/pd_scans/betsy_mccall/1953.html

So Cute! It was an amazing gift and I am going to get it framed!

Dachshund in the Rain

I recently discovered the comic strip Drabble. It is really cute and has a Dachshund named Wally sometimes in it. I decided on this rainy Thursday to share a couple of the strips featuring Wally and the rain. You can find more Drabble at GoComics.com.

Is your dog a fan of the rain? I know mine sure isn’t!

Bath Time!

I found this video and thought it was adorable! Does your dachshund love or hate bath time?

Video via youtube. Thanks sweetfacesjc!

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