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by Sarah Ana Designs

Doggy Idol

Saturday, September 22, 2012 is the event Doggy Idol – Dog Days of Summer Fair in Victoria, British Columbia. The event is part of a series of events put on in support of small animal rescue organizations in the region.

Doggy Idol is a day filled with lots of fun activities including a walk-a-thon, fashion show, trade show, photo contest, educational seminars and of course a talent show!

Unfortunately S’wag cannot attend this event due to a prior commitment to Wiener-Paw-Looza here in Ontario (and also due to distance!) but we are sending a few pieces of our jewellery in our place!

Since we cannot attend we are offering those who can attend a discount in our Etsy Shop. Use Coupon Code DOGGYIDOL to receive 10% off your purchase.

We hope that everyone who attends has a fantastic time and that lots of money is raised in support of the local shelters!

Doggy Idol takes place at 11 o’clock at St. Lukes Church Hall. 3821 Cedar Hill Cross Road,Victoria, BC
$4 admission/ kids 10 & under free
Please bring used collars, leashes, etc. (in good condition) or unopened food to donate to pets on the street and get $1 off admission

Cape Cod Doxie Day

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012 is Cape Cod Doxie Day! It is an annual event for Dachshunds and their owners. It is a fun filled day with races, a fashion show, contests, a photobooth,  and so much more! Money raised through silent auction and micro-chipping goes to support the Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue.

Unfortunately S’wag cannot attend this event as it is a little far for us to travel and we are already attending Wiener-Paw-Looza here in Ontario that day! However, we are sending a donation of a couple of our pieces of jewellery!

Since we cannot be there we would like to offer those attending Cape Cod Doxie Day a discount in our online shop! Use Coupon Code CAPECODDOXIE12 in our Etsy Shop to receive 10% off your purchase!

We hope all those attending have a fabulous time and raise lots of money in support of the local shelters!

Cape Cod Doxie Day takes place at noon at the Barnstable County Fairgrounds. 1220 Nathan Ellis Highway, East Falmouth, MA.

Pet My Wiener

We are very happy to announce that we now have a few items up for sale on the ultimate Dachshund gift site petmywiener.com!

Petmywiener.com is the place to find all things doxie! They have merchandise ranging from home decor to clothing to drinkware to jewellery and even a section just for vintage! It is a doxie lovers dream! Plus, they have a pretty fun name 😉

The best part about it though is that 5% of each sale is donated to a Dachshund rescue or other organization helping underprivileged dachshund so not only will you be giving a friend (or maybe yourself) a gift, you will also be helping a doxie in need!

Check out petmywiener.com and find us under the Jewelry tab!

Waldi – The First Official Olympic Mascot

With the Olympic Games starting today I thought it would be fitting for me to write about a past Olympic mascot, Waldi!

I had the idea to write about him a while ago and decided to wait till closer to the Olympics to do so. I almost forgot until I saw a bookmark on my browser today! (Funny how things work like that sometimes!)

Have you heard of Waldi? He was the 1972 Summer Olympic Games mascot and….wait for it… he was a Dachshund! He was created by German Designer Otl Aicher to represent the olympic values of resistance, tenacity, and agility. I think a dachshund pretty much sums that up! Waldi is certainly more loveable then the creepy, monster-like mascots we see at today’s games! What do you think?

To read more about Waldi click Here.

Good luck to all the Olympians competing at the Summer Olympics 2012 in London!

Rescue Dog to Star in Annie

Last night I received an e-mail from Twitter recommending stories for me. I admit, usually I skip over these e-mails. But last night I thought I would check it out and I am so happy that I did because I found a really interesting story!

The story comes from dogtipper.com and will bring a smile to your face. You know the musical Annie? The one about the little red headed orphan? Do you remember her dog Sandy? Well, the musical is returning to broadway this fall and playing the part of Sandy will be a foster dog Sunny who was just 2 days away from being euthanized! That isn’t even the most interesting part though. Apparently, a rescue dog is always used to play Sandy – a tradition started when the show first opened in 1977.

The musical has also partnered with Pedigree and for each ticket sold through to December 31st Pedigree will donate 2$ to the Pedigree Foundation.

A very heartwarming story.

To read the full story that I read click here.

And here is another interesting look at the dog who is to play Sandy and how the original Sandy was cast back in 1976.

Ask Me Where My Wiener’s Been…

I have to say that one of the things I like best about my job is when I open up my e-mail to find a new order and the exciting moment that follows when I get to see where in the world I will be sending my jewellery!

I recently bought a map and started to mark on the map where I have sent my doxie jewellery! I brought the map with me to Wienerfest and it was a real conversation starter. I was told by previous customers places they had sent my jewellery or places they intended to send it. I even had a woman tell me she was going to send my business card to the breeder where she got her dog back in Germany!

So here is my list of places I have sent S’wag so far. If you have purchased a piece and sent it somewhere (or you live somewhere) that is not on our list we would love to hear about it! I think S’wag has travelled more places then I have! I can’t wait to see where S’wag will travel to next!

London, Ont. Canada

Burlington, Ont. Canada

Toronto, Ont. Canada

Kitchener, Ont. Canada

Hamilton, Ont. Canada

Severn Bridge, Ont. Canada

Mississauga, Ont. Canada

Kingston, Ont. Canada

Strathroy, Ont. Canada

Ridgetown, Ont. Canada

Timmins, Ont. Canada

Clarksburg, Ont. Canada

Charlottetown, PEI. Canada

Brooklyn, New York. USA

New York, New York. USA

Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. USA

Midlothian, Virginia. USA

Minneapolis, Minnesota. USA

Santa Clara, California. USA

Newport Beach, California. USA

?, Indiana. USA

? – Spain

Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Lichtenegg, Austria.

London, England.

Cambridgeshire, England.

I Let My Wiener Play at Wienerfest!

June is definitely the most wienerful time of the year. Do you know why? Because all month I get to make and polish new pieces, and design new work all in anticipation of Wienerfest! On June 23rd my excitement bubbled out of me in shreiks and giggles as I witnesses the largest gathering of wiener dogs!!! I want to squeal right now just thinking about it!

This year Wienerfest was held at its spacious new venue in Embro, Ontario. There was more room, more vendors and more wieners! We (My sister attended with me again this year!) had a great spot in the shade next to wiener wares a company that make hilarious printed shirts.

We had a fantastic time meeting everyone and all the dachshunds! We even recognized some familiar faces. One of my favourite things was that people recognized S’wag as well! We even got to meet someone who bought a piece of dachshund jewellery from me over 4 years ago before S’wag was even born! It was amazing!

The countdown is already on to next years Wienerfest!  Join us Saturday, June 22nd, 2013!

Have a look at some of our pictures from this years Wienerfest! Click on the photo below!

We have a Wiener!!!

Wienerfest Contest!

We are so excited to announce our newest contest! This is a contest exclusive to those attending Wienerfest on June 23rd, 2012. Shake A Paw Greetings has again given us an amazing prize to giveaway! The prize winner will be chosen at noon on June 22nd and announced on Facebook. Winner can claim their prize at the S’wag Jewellery booth at Wienerfest.How it works:

June 11- June 22, 2012 – Enter to Win this custom doggie biscuit greeting card by Shake A Paw Greetings.

[1] “Like” the photo on our facebook page (and comment if you wish!)


[2] Tweet this phrase: My wiener can’t wait till Wienerfest! http://on.fb.me/KvjjYQ#swagcontest

@SwagJewellery @ShakeAPawGreetThis giveaway is open to anyone attending Wienerfest 2012. Entries close at 11am EDT June 22nd, 2012.

This cute gift is made with all-natural dog biscuits that contain NO wheat, corn or soy. See lots of photos and read about their biscuits at: www.shakeapawgreetings.ca , On FB: @Shake A Paw Greetings ; On Twitter @ShakeAPawGreet

Follow the yellow brick road to stardom?

Does your pup have the cutest face in show business? Is he the next Uggie?

We came across this casting call – CBC is doing a TV Show to find Dorothy to star in an upcoming production of Wizard of Oz…

And, if you know the story like we do, you know, who’s Dorothy without Toto?

So, they have a casting call for the little pup too!

There’s an open casting call at Woofstock in Toronto! Saturday June 9th, from 9am. St. Lawrence Market Neighborhood, Toronto.

They are looking a well-trained and loveable pooch in any breed. Does your dog have what it takes?

Good luck! Let us know if you are taking your dog to the auditions! We’ll cheer for you when the show airs!

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