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Calling All Doxies!!!

Check out this video Of Euie’s audition for the Worldstage performance! This could be your doxie!



Gosh, I guess I can’t really complain about being tired…ever…this dog completed a 23 day, 1, 800 kilometre journey across China AND climbed 12 mountains!!! This dog must be dog-tired!!! Little Sa, as the dog has come to be know as, is truly an inspiration!

Watch the video below and you will fall in love with this little pup!

You can read more about Xiao Sa at thestar.com!

Splish, Splash I Was Taking a Bath…

My friend sent me this video and I just LOVE it!!! (Thanks RandRvideos4 on Youtube)

Betsy McCall and Nosy!

For my birthday my friends gave me a picture from a vintage magazine. They had been flipping through and found it and instantly thought of me. Not only did the illustrated girl in the picture have a short, brown haired bob haircut with heavy bangs, and big brown eyes, but in the picture she was washing a Dachshund! The girls name is Betsy McCall and her dachshund’s name is Nosy.

I decided to look up Betsy and Nosy and see what I could find!

Betsy McCall is a paper doll that could be found on the pages of McCall magazine from April 1951 – 1995. Her page always featured fashions and a story. Betsy is first presented as a young 5 year old with her 6 month old dachshund.

Here is a picture of the page that my friends gave me. It just happens that it is the page that Nosy was featured the most on!

Nosy Gives Betsy McCall a Bath June 1952 photo taken from http://tpettit.best.vwh.net/dolls/pd_scans/betsy_mccall/1952.html

And here are 2 other pages that also included Nosy.

Introducing Betsy McCall May 1951 photo taken from http://tpettit.best.vwh.net/dolls/pd_scans/betsy_mccall/1951.html

Betsy McCall Finds a Surprise January 1953 photo taken from http://tpettit.best.vwh.net/dolls/pd_scans/betsy_mccall/1953.html

So Cute! It was an amazing gift and I am going to get it framed!

Dachshund in the Rain

I recently discovered the comic strip Drabble. It is really cute and has a Dachshund named Wally sometimes in it. I decided on this rainy Thursday to share a couple of the strips featuring Wally and the rain. You can find more Drabble at GoComics.com.

Is your dog a fan of the rain? I know mine sure isn’t!

Bath Time!

I found this video and thought it was adorable! Does your dachshund love or hate bath time?

Video via youtube. Thanks sweetfacesjc!

Mr. Sun

This weekend I was up in Collingwood at my parents for Family Day Weekend! It was a fantastic weekend with gorgeous weather. Owen loves to find the sunbeams and lie in them.  Does your pet do that same?

Back into the studio today! Working on a commissioned piece of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel! I will post some pics soon!

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

I don’t know about you but I have been finding it real hard to get up in the morning! I wish I could crawl back into bed right now. This dog has the right idea!!!



So adorable! If you thought that was cute then you should check out the site that I took the video from lifewithdogs.tv ! It has tonnes of great dog videos!

Happy Holidays!

Wishing everybody a happy and safe holiday season! 

(photo taken from beanbeanies.com)

(S’wag will be taking some time off over the holidays to visit with family and loved ones, eat way too much, and to cuddle with pup Owen. We hope you will be doing the same! See you in the New Year!)

A Little Something To Look Forward To…

I thought I would share some super cute photos taken at Wienerfest 2011! I am super excited for Wienerfest 2012 (It’s only 6 months away!) I think these photos will give you something to look forward to also over these blah winter months!

Hot Dog!


Off to the races!

Alexis and a sweet little Dachshund

Cute little guy with Baby Blue Eyes. (Bruno)

I hope to see you all there! I will have lots of new designs to share! Can’t wait to see the races and the yogurt licking competition!

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