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And they call it Puppy Love

Sometimes don’t you just need to set your eyes on a pawsitively precious puppy pic? Or a cute video starring a furry friend? It’s so dreary out today, it’s definitely one of those days that could use some brightening!

Check out the Puppy Love section for cute photos, videos and other fun stuff!

If you have any pics, videos or links to share, send them my way!

Just one example of Puppy Love. Enjoy!


A Very French Christmas…

I just got back from the French Bulldog Christmas Party at the PawsWay! I attended the party with my sister and my Cousin, her husband and their Frenchie Elton.

It was soooo much fun! I have never seen so many French Bulldogs. They were all sorts of colours and sizes. Some were wearing Christmas costumes. I got lots of cuddles and kisses!

I tried to take some photos but there was just too much excitement in the room and most turned out blurry. 😦 Here are a few that turned out ok. I did however get lots of inspiration for new jewellery pieces!

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Coming Home for Christmas…

I was just looking through some old photos and found these ones.

It was this time around 10 years ago that we brought Owen home! Wasn’t he just the cutest! These pictures make my heart melt! They were taken within the first few days of him being home. What a personality! He was (and still is) a kissing machine! It seems like just yesterday that he came home. He even poses the exact same way!

Sadly, Owen doesn’t live with me. He is our family dog and he lives with my parents. I cannot put into words the happy feeling he gives me when I get to see him.  (I think he feels the same way ;)) Lol.

Owen at 3 months old

Owen this summer

Must Love Dogs…

My Cousin told me about this video so I checked it out. It is a commercial for Bergdorf Goodman, a luxury goods department store in Manhattan. It brought a tear to my eye…(and I think it would even if you don’t love dogs!)

Click below to watch the video. (with apologies – I can’t embed it)


Have you considered a rescue? There are lots of dogs (and other animals) that need and deserve a good home! If you are thinking of buying a pet this Christmas please think about this option!

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