Puppy Love

Who doesn’t love a cute dog video, a puppy pic or some pawsitively precious canine treats?

This section is for all things puppy love! If you have any pics, videos or links to share, send them my way!

Video Of The Week:

I was searching YouTube and came across this video. I started to laugh so hard as the Chariots of Fire music came on with the dog running in slow motion that i spit my tea out! Quality isn’t great but here it is.(via YouTube. Thanks layn5980)


Video Of The Week:

This video is really funny! I think you will enjoy it!

This picture is just way too cute! Made me smile today when I saw it!

Video of the Week:

This video is sure to make you smile! This is one happy pup! (via Youtube thanks to moscowdoghelp)

Check out my new nails! They look like Dachshunds, don’t you think?

Video Of The Week: 

This video is not of a puppy, but rather of a cat impersonating a dog! It makes me laugh every time I see it. 🙂

Video Of The Week:

Owen LOVES his new Nylabone that he got for Christmas!

To get everyone in the holiday spirit here are some cute vintage Christmas cards featuring Dachshunds! So precious! Do you send Dachshund greeting cards?

(photo credit: dachshundlove.blogpost.com)

(photo credit: dachshundlove.blogspot.com)

(photo credit: delcampe.co.uk)

(photo credit: tias.com)

(photo credit: tias.com)

Was looking through some photos from Wienerfest last summer and found this one! SO PRECIOUS! Will post some more photos from Wienerfest 2011 soon!

Cute Dachshund Puppy! Wienerfest 2011

Video Of The Week:

A very cute Christmas video to get you in the spirit! (Via YouTube thank you rockymountainkristin)

I love vintage advertisements. Check out these ones featuring Dachshunds!

Old Chevy Ad taken from chronicallyvintage.com

Dog Show - taken from enjoydoxies.com

World's Longest Wiener's - taken from dachshundloveblogspot.com

When I was a little kid we had a Bichon Mr. Mugs. He was a trouble maker. Every Christmas we would have to wait to put presents under the tree until Christmas eve because ‘Mugsy’ was too impatient and would open all his presents and everyone elses! He especially liked my dad’s ‘soap on a rope.” Owen is such a good boy. He waits so patiently for Christmas day when he can open his gifts.

Owen waiting patiently with his gifts.

Video Of The Week: 

I love this video! It is of a Dachshund named Iso taking a bath. There are other videos of Iso on youtube but this is one of my favourites! (Video credit: IsoInSloMo on Youtube)

I spotted this Dachshund in the Queen Street Subway Station…

Dachshund - Queen Street Subway Station

Video of the Week:

I remember the first time I saw this commercial. It made me laugh and smile so much! Do you know of any other commercials featuring a Dachshund?

Ruff week? These vintage pics will surely make you smile 🙂 Dachshund’s make great models don’t you think?

Exercising on the Beach 1935 (vintageprintable.com)

Vintage Photo - Woman with Dachshund

Vintage Pin-up - Bubble blowing with Dachshund

Looks like another rainy day in T.O. but these two just brightened it a little! I just love them!

Prepared for a rainy day. (Taken from cutestuff.co. Thanks!)

Video of the Week:

I loved this video when I was little. It’s Pluto trying to impress his love interest Dinah the Dachshund. So cute! (via YouTube thank you kristiang666)

Video of the Week:

How cute and heart-wrenching is this?
A news clip from the BBC (via YouTube thank you to ruffykins):

I love these corn holders!!! Thanks to http://massengale.typepad.com for this image!