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Friendship Bracelets to Help Our Furry Friends in Alberta

Our furry friends in Alberta need our help copy

Check out the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society here. For a link to our Friendship Bracelet click here.


The Dog Show

Woah, it’s been a while since we’ve done a post! We are hoping everyone is happy and healthy as we have entered into this new and exciting year!

We have lots of new things on the go! We are happy to report on 2 upcoming sales we will be participating in! The first is the  Dachshund UN Marketplace! Between February 28th to March 3rd there will be 4 performance installations of the Dachshund UN at Harbourfront Centre here in Toronto. During each performance there will be a marketplace with vendors! Please check the Harbourfront website for show times!


(photo taken from https://www.facebook.com/DachshundUN)

Our second sale is at this years Spring One of a Kind show from March 27th-31st! We will be participating as part of SarahAnaDesigns in the new Etsy section of the show! We are very excited!

As you can see we will have our work cut out for us in the next few months! We will be busy making our old faithful designs as well as developing some new ones so be sure to check in often!

If you wish to pre-order jewellery for pick up at the Dachshund UN then please use Promo Code PICKUPUN when checking out of our Etsy shop. In using this code we know not to ship your piece and that you will be picking it up at the event!

Can’t wait to see everyone at these events!


Wiener-Paw-Looza Order Form

Click here to view our Wiener-Paw-Looza pre-order form!

If you use the pre-order form we will send you an e-mail with the amount owed and you can either pay by e-mail money transfer, credit card or paypal.

Thanks and see you at Wiener-Paw-Looza!

Ask Me Where My Wiener’s Been…

I have to say that one of the things I like best about my job is when I open up my e-mail to find a new order and the exciting moment that follows when I get to see where in the world I will be sending my jewellery!

I recently bought a map and started to mark on the map where I have sent my doxie jewellery! I brought the map with me to Wienerfest and it was a real conversation starter. I was told by previous customers places they had sent my jewellery or places they intended to send it. I even had a woman tell me she was going to send my business card to the breeder where she got her dog back in Germany!

So here is my list of places I have sent S’wag so far. If you have purchased a piece and sent it somewhere (or you live somewhere) that is not on our list we would love to hear about it! I think S’wag has travelled more places then I have! I can’t wait to see where S’wag will travel to next!

London, Ont. Canada

Burlington, Ont. Canada

Toronto, Ont. Canada

Kitchener, Ont. Canada

Hamilton, Ont. Canada

Severn Bridge, Ont. Canada

Mississauga, Ont. Canada

Kingston, Ont. Canada

Strathroy, Ont. Canada

Ridgetown, Ont. Canada

Timmins, Ont. Canada

Clarksburg, Ont. Canada

Charlottetown, PEI. Canada

Brooklyn, New York. USA

New York, New York. USA

Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. USA

Midlothian, Virginia. USA

Minneapolis, Minnesota. USA

Santa Clara, California. USA

Newport Beach, California. USA

?, Indiana. USA

? – Spain

Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Lichtenegg, Austria.

London, England.

Cambridgeshire, England.

Doxie Earrings!

I have a new earring design available in my Etsy shop!

These are super cute, hand painted ceramic dachshund beads with sterling silver accents!

They are simple, fun and playful!

Ceramic Dachshund Earrings

What do you think of them?

And they call it Puppy Love

Sometimes don’t you just need to set your eyes on a pawsitively precious puppy pic? Or a cute video starring a furry friend? It’s so dreary out today, it’s definitely one of those days that could use some brightening!

Check out the Puppy Love section for cute photos, videos and other fun stuff!

If you have any pics, videos or links to share, send them my way!

Just one example of Puppy Love. Enjoy!

On Dachshund, On Dalmatian, On Poodle, On Pincher…

Lady and the Tramp (photo taken from princessdreams.tumblr.com)


Would you love to wake up on Christmas morning to find a puppy under the tree!? Oh my! I would squeal so much with excitement! I think my heart would melt! (This idea for a Christmas present for me is not a practical one though, so friends and family if you are reading this don’t get any ideas! haha)

If you know another dreamer who is wishing to wake up to find a puppy under the tree on Christmas, but this idea is not practical for them either, why not get them a piece of S’wag Jewellery!  There are lots of different designs to chose from! Their face will light up when they see the box with the puppy paw ribbon. It is oh so cute! Your new necklace or bracelet may not be able to cuddle and give soft kisses but it’s the next best things. It will be loyal, loving and get you lots of attention!

Wouldn't you love to find this under the tree on Christmas morning?

Picasso and Lump

Probably one of the most famous or recognizable Dachshunds in the art world was Picasso’s doxie Lump (pronounced loomp – meaning rascal).

Lump was said to be the inspiration for some of Picasso’s artwork, most famously his print The Dog.

Pablo Picasso - The Dog (Picture taken from Allposters.com)

Searching the web I found hundreds of pics of Picasso and his muse. I also found an interesting blog that tells the story of Picasso and Lump. Check out the blog here! There are lots of great photos of Picasso and Lump. He was quite the poser!

And if the story really interests you and piques your curiousity (as it did me) there is actually a book written about Picasso and his pooch. Picasso and Lump : A Dachshund’s Odyssey is available at Chapters/Indigo. I’m going to have to check it out!

Picasso and Lump : A dachshund's Odyssey

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