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Prepping for the UN

The DachshundUN  is coming to Harbourfront Centre on February 28 – March 3 – less than a month away! I feel like I already can’t contain myself!

Yesterday I saw a long haired wiener walking near work and my heart started to race  and I let out a squeal! In just 24 days Harbourfront will be a bustle with over 200 dachshunds!  200!  That is crazy! (If I squeal at the site of one doxie just imagine the excitement that will be bursting from me when I see 200!)

Preparation for the DachshundUN marketplace is in full force. Castings are back from the casting house and now its a matter of turning them into wearable objects! We will be busy making friendship bracelets, charm bracelets, rings and pendants for the next few weeks.

S’wag will be selling our jewellery and greeting cards at all 4 performances. If you wish to pre-order jewellery for pick up at the show you can use promo code PICKUPUN when checking out of our Etsy shop. Pre-ordering will ensure that we have the piece you want available at the shows.

Hope to see you and your wieners there!




Have you got S’Wag?

What’s in a name?

If you’ve been wondering what the S’Wag in S’Wag Jewellery is all about, well here’s your answer. There’s a few reasons were called S’Wag!

When someone’s got “swagger” they’ve got a confident spring in their step. Like, say the strut you’ve got when walking your pup, or that pup’s four-legged strut itself!

And then, of course, there’s s.w.a.g. – stuff.we.all.get. – a common phrase heard referring to those blingy gift bag giveaways that everyone wishes they could get their hands on at awards shows!

Of course, all of our jewellery is doggy inspired.  And what happens when a dog is excited? (Let’s say, when they see their human wearing a fabulous piece of jewellery in homage to their cute little self!) Tail wag!

And next there’s the S: Sarah Ana Designs – the founder and designer of S’Wag.

So, put it all together and what do you get…?

S’Wag. Accessories to get tails waggin’.

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